Wenger: We were never really in trouble

Wenger's View - The Official Manager's Email - 7 November

Dear Arsenal supporter,

We gave a controlled performance on Saturday and completely dominated the game.

I thought we played with a good pace in the first half before dropping slightly in the second half, but we were never really in trouble. We are getting stronger and overall it was a positive afternoon. We scored five goals last week, three goals on Saturday and this time we didn't concede.

The spirit of the squad was right from the first to the last minute and we worked well together. The team wants to improve, it wants to work hard and get better and better. That is the most satisfying thing. In the dressing room at half time you could feel that they would not switch off at 2-0. That has not always been the case with us.

We gave ourselves a handicap with the 8-2 defeat at Manchester United in August but we have a positive goal difference now. It was a shock every time I saw a minus in front of our goal difference and we know that it can be important at the end of the season. Not only is this the first time we have had a positive goal difference but if you look at the teams above us there is not much difference - they are plus two or four maybe. That is catchable.

I expected Peter Odemwingie to play for West Brom so I opted for two centre-backs who are quick in Laurent Koscielny and Thomas Vermaelen. In the end of course he didn't play but the centre backs worked very well together. Thomas scored and he should have got a second goal with the header! I like centre-backs who score goals.

Robin van Persie was on target again and had two assists, and at the moment it is difficult to stop him. The only thing I know is that he is world class. When I was a kid, in Germany they had three rankings: national class, international class and world class. I would put him into that last category.

Carl Jenkinson also caught the eye with the quality of his defending and the quality of his crossing. The pace of his improvement is very interesting and his energy levels are absolutely amazing.

Overall, I think the entire squad has made an improvement, that is for sure. But there is still room for improvement. Of course the first big test was Chelsea and now it will be down to the consistency we can show. We are not at the level we were one month ago but we still have some work to do.

Thanks for your support.

Arsène Wenger

P/S: Ini adalah reaksi dan komen daripada Prof. Wenger sendiri. Tiada alih bahasa dilakukan untuk mengekalkan keasliannya (panjang tu nak translate.. hihi)

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