TheStar: Shoot the Cottagers

ANOTHER London derby stands in Arsenal’s way this evening. Of all the city clubs, Fulham have the worst record of the season so far – two wins, five draws and five losses.
 That should mean that the Cottagers are certainly no match for The Gunners, who are currently firing on all cylinders, racking up win after win in the past five matches played in the English Premier League (EPL).

It is an amazing run when you consider that it included a visit to Stamford Bridge. Is our form down to one player? Most definitely not.

Yes, only one name can enter the scoresheet, but as we all know with statistics, especially for Fantasy Football aficionados, assists are critical for any goal scored.

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P/S: Baca TheStar lagi baik daripada Harian Metro. K. Anand merupakan wartawan dan penyokong tegar Arsenal.

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