Wenger: 'We gave a perfect performance'

Dear Arsenal supporter,

Arsenal are alive more than anybody thought before the game against Tottenham. We gave a performance that on the spirit side, the technical side and the drive of the whole team, was excellent. We played the style of the game we want to play - everything was perfect despite a very bad start. I felt in the first five minutes Tottenham started well and after that it was all us for 85 minutes.

We were always on top of the game. We were 2-0 down but refused to lose the game and kept going no matter what happened. Once we were back to 2-2 you could see that if we maintained the pace, we would win the game. We had a good balance between offence and defence, between creativity and going into the space behind the defenders and good maturity.

We had a great spirit. I must say that the way we want to play football depends on the pitch and this was the first time in three games that we played on a football pitch that is really a football pitch. That helps as well.

I felt we were a bit nervous at the start and when we slowly became calmer the two centre backs were outstanding. They had an outstanding game in the end.

For the first goal we were caught on the counter attack and the second was not a penalty. We played against a team with Saha, Adebayor, Bale, Modric - you cannot dream they will not get any chances at all in the 90 minutes.

It is still possible to finish above them in the table. I felt even before the game that it was possible if we kept our consistency. Everyone in the Premier League can lose points. They have a difficult schedule, and we have a difficult schedule, but if we continue to play like that, why not?

Thanks for your support.

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