Prof. Wenger & McCarthy kritik pengadil Stuart Atwell

Bos Arsenal, Arsene Wenger dan Wolves, Mick McCarthy kedua-duanya menyatakan rasa tidak senang serta mengkritik mutu pengadilan sewaktu perlawanan antara Arsenal dan Wolves.

Bagi pihak McCarthy yang benar-benar kecewa dengan keputusan kad merah oleh Nenad Milijas yang dirasakannya didorong oleh persekitaran Stadium Emirates yang memberikan kesan kepada Atwell untuk melayangkan kad tersebut.
“I think that rarefied atmosphere out there is a difficult place to work in whether you are a player, coach, manager, referee or an assistant, 
“It’s pretty pressurised out there and I think there was a lot of pressure on him to do it.
“Whenever the ball was in our box, it was an appeal for a handball or a foul because their fans are desperate to win and not have the indignation and upset of being held to a point by lowly Wolves. 
“I think my players conducted themselves particularly well all through the game. I don’t think it was a sending-off or that they remonstrated too badly with him.”
Berkata mengenai layangan kad merah tersebut,
“Not while I have got a hole in my bum! 
“He has got his foot on the ground, makes contact with the ball. I don’t think he leaves the ground. Somebody said to me he has got his studs up but you genuinely do if you tackle with your foot sliding in.” 
“I just don’t want mine sent off when they don’t deserve it, 
“I’m not one that shirks challenges. Have you ever seen me play? It’s part of the game. It’s so exciting and if you take it out it won’t be the same.”
Manakala Arsene Wenger pula percaya Arsenal sepatutnya diberikan dua sepakan penalti serta turut menyatakan bahawa The Gunners juga harus mendapat penalti sewaktu menentang Manchester City.
“I’ve heard that it was a penalty, yes, 
“What can I do? It looks like for us to get a penalty you have to fight very hard. I saw the Manchester City handball and it was definitely handball. The decisions are not going in our favour.”

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