Arsene Wenger: Overall it was a very good workout for us

Hasil temubual dengan Arsene Wenger selepas perlawanan menentang Malaysia XI. Sumber diambil dari Arsenal.Com
on the result…We played two sides and I felt both did well. The first half was played at a high pace and overall it was a good workout for us against a good Malaysian team. My friend does a good job here because every year they play faster, quicker and stronger. We had to be patient to win the game. But the result was less important than the workout.  
I think we got the quality of the game we wanted and that is very positive. We got through it without any injuries and it was a good game.  
on what the game taught him…We are far away physically and tactically we still have some work to do. Technically it was not bad considering because the pitch was not easy and the pace of Malaysia was quite good.  
Overall we still have some tactical work to do and some physical work but don't forget that some players have only had two or three days training. Some others have only had a maximum of seven or eight so physically we are far from what we can produce.  
on the possibility of changing style next season…It depends what the gameplan for you is. We will try to make a good pass every time we have the ball and when we don't, to win it back. Our style of play will be the same. We always try to play with quality when we have the ball and defend as a team when we don't have it. I think all of the other teams in the Premier League do that too.  
on taking Walcott off…He is one of the players who had two days training. I had planned to give him 25 minutes and in the end I feel he suffered a bit more than Oxlade-Chamberlain. That's why I chose to take him off. 
on the players that caught his eye…There were many. The No 7 I liked, especially defensively, and the No 8 as well. No 15 did well when he came on - they have many good players. The No 16 and the goalkeeper - he was absolutely fantastic and read the game well. Overall I saw many good players.  
on being close to new signings…No [we are not close]. Maybe we will sign a Malaysian player?
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